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Your chapter will feel more appealing and professional when you stand and highlight contributing members —
in detail. The difference is as obvious as wearing a suit instead of your bathrobe. With our ready-made database, it's easy to look your best!

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For Chapter Leaders

  • Spend time networking, not sorting data!
  • Easy for "non-numbers" people to manage.

  • Track member-to-member with our relational database.
  • Set goals and view key stats at-a-glance.
  • Automatically rank member performance on multiple criteria.
  • Stay informed, and build a stronger chapter!

  • Pay based on number of active members.
  • The smaller your chapter, the less you pay.

If tracking stats is one of your tasks, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. We've spent countless hours entering data and maintaining spreadsheets, and gladly would have paid someone to do it for us. Time is money, and this program allows you to spend your time on your business.

For Chapter Members
  • See who's contributing to your success, and vice versa.
  • Measure your return on your investment.
  • Compare your chapter to other groups in the area.
  • Recognize and thank other members for their efforts on your behalf.
  • Introduce more fun and competition for bragging rights.

Individual members must encourage their chapter to sign up in order to participate.

For Organizations
  • Prove your system's value.
  • Provide structure and management.

If yours is a serious business networking group, you simply must track the revenue and referrals you pass. After all, only the numbers you actually count count! ChapterTracker allows you to back up your claims…or to make a claim in the first place…while providing infrastructure for managing your group.

ChapterTracker is an incredible tool for tracking the success of our networking group. Nobody wants to put time into a group that doesn't show results—and I can say firsthand that it benefits the member that oversees the tracking, because tracking by spreadsheet is very time consuming. ChapterTracker makes it simple and provides so much information! Brittany A. Vickery
AVP & Commercial Banker
Bank of North Georgia